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これですねサポートライブラリ、25までは素直に25.0.0 とか25.0.1とかだったのですが26だけ、26.0.0-alpha1とかいうフォルダでした。この構成はsdkフォルダ\extras\android\m2repository\com\android\support\を見ないと分かりません。 https://t.co/BQJSyTkptp
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Esteemed Urielmanx7 i'm a fan of your game and i'm writing this message to suggest that you start selling/pulish your game on Steam .

Steam is the biggest western digital store , in the steam store there are both games from large developers and also indie and doujin games that are developed by only a single person or a very small small studio also steam is not exclusive,so if you sell your games on steam you can also sell them at conventions like Comiket and on other digital stores .

Since Steam is very big and has a lot of customers from all over the world , if you sell your games on Steam you'll be able to earn a lot of money , also when your games will be sold on Steam people from all over the world to buy and play your games so your works will become very popular.

Here is a link to a page where you'll find all the informations you need to sell your games on Steam .

尊重 蝋燭 私はあなたのゲームのファンです。私はあなたの提案を使用して、メッセージを書いています。Steamであなたのゲームを入れて考えてみましょう。大小の開発者によって行われた多くのゲームがあります。また、デジタルと規則でそれらを販売することができます。あなたはたくさんのお金を作ることができるようになります。あなたの仕事は人気になります。

I also wanted to tell you that there are other japanese doujin developers that have started selling their game on Steam,can you sell your game on Steam too?

There are many japanese games with loli anime characters and R-18 hentai that are sold on Steam,for example the Nekopara games,the R-18 is censored on the Steam version,but you can restore it with a patch,please look into this.

A censored version of 少女魔法学 リトルウィッチロマネスク has been released on Steam,all the R-18 hentai content has been cut from the Steam version of the game

Also are other japanese hentai game sold on steam in a censored version but with the option to restore the content with a patch.

Also i want to inform you that ZUN, the creator of Touhou has already started selling his latest games on Steam.

東方憑依華 ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers.

東方天空璋 ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons.

Indipendent doujin circles that create Touhou games have started selling their games on Steam too and any doujin developer can sell and publish Touhou doujin games on Steam.

永遠消失的幻想鄉 ~ The Disappearing of Gensokyo

[東方二次] Senran Meisuishu Tactics / 戦乱命萃酒タクティクス

幻想四倍剣^2 悔悟棒の謎 / GensoYonbaiKen^2

Thanks for taking the time to read this message .

Take good care of yourself and be well .

Best Regards .


I am glad for you to visit.
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